Between 15 March and 21 March 2014, Milind Deora launched one of India’s first interactive initiatives on Twitter to create a realistic, constituency-specific and achievable agenda for a MP—#ToDoSoMu.


Milind identified five themes, outlined some of his own agenda for each of these themes, and then solicited ideas from South Mumbai residents to add to #ToDoSoMu. About 382 people contributed nearly 1,400 ideas! Suggestions that are realistic, achievable and consistent with these themes were selected and ideators given due credit.



Theme Achieved Milind Deora’s Agenda Ideas Received from #ToDoSoMu
Transparency / Anti-Corruption
  • Introduced RTI in 2005
  • Triggered recall of ordinance protecting convicted legislators
  • Ensure RTI is not diluted
  • Pass Electronic Delivery of Services Bill and Aadhar Bill
  • Direct Benefit Transfer
  • Use tech to reduce corruption
Mumbai Infrastructure
  • Bandra Worli Sea Link
  • Eastern Freeway
  • Lighthouse Tourism
  • Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment
  • Metro / Monorail
  • New International Airport Terminal
  • Pilot for waterway
  • Mumbai is the highest recepient of central aid
  • Trans Harbour Sea Link
  • Speed up next legs of Metro / Monorail
  • More cluster redevelopment
  • Augment train capacity under MUTP
  • Work to build cross party support for a Directly Elected Mayor for Mumbai
Youth Development
  • Soccer Challenger for 16,552 kids, winners sent to Queen Park Rangers, London for training.
  • Took 540 youngsters for Parliament Visits
  • More than 10,000 beneficiaries at Job Fairs
  • Create a students advisory council
  • Push for central funds for youth employability development
Citizen Interests
  • Stood up against errant builders to protect home buyers. Maharashtra is the first state to set up a housing regulator
  • Reduced permissible radiation limits from cell towers and handsets by 10x despite telco lobby
  • Spoke out publicly in favour of tabling Adarsh scam report
  • Helped push for taxi permits for lady drivers
  • Supported the setting up of a union for domestic workers
  • In favour of bank financing of Womens SHGs
  • Pass bill for a National Housing Regulator
  • Set up a women’s council for safety issues
  • Revisit mobile tower radiation norms
  • Rain Basera for homeless (Daniel Francis)
  • SHG financing for urban poor (@Sadafsayeed)
  • New constructions should have stilt parking facilities (@Muhamme36219592)
  • Free up land for housing and help bring down cost of ownership (@KhariBiskut)
  • Set up a helpline to advise people who have been offered redevelopment on their legal rights so they are not cheated (@masterjamsheed)
  • Self Defence training for women (@masterjamsheed)
  • More greenery in Mumbai (@Sadafsayeed)
  • Public WiFi Hotspots (@KhaaliPeeli1)
  • Aadhar linked bank accounts (@Ramsewak)
  • Regular Resident Association meetings and Jansamparks
  • Constituency tour every Sunday
  • Engagement via Social Media
  • Petitioned CM through @UthSpeak for a Directly Elected Mayor for Mumbai
  • Expand @UthSpeak
  • Create a students advisory council
  • Set up a women’s council for safety issues

Snapshot of ideas