Good morning and welcome to our annual Youth Parliament, where disruptions are not an option. Sachin is a leader par excellence and a very close friend, and I’m very honored to have him in South Mumbai today. I can’t think of a better Chief Guest for today’s function, especially since Sachin is one of India’s finest parliamentarians who successfully piloted the Companies Bill through both houses of parliament recently, giving a renewed direction to a six decade old legislation. Sachin is also one of few people in India who can do an outstanding job in any ministry that he is entrusted to work in.
 I would like to thank BSE for once again partnering with us, especially my friends Mr. Ramadorai and Ashish, who are also brilliant advocates for India’s secondary markets.
Youth Parliament began as a initiative to spread awareness amongst Mumbai’s youth by organizing annual visits to Delhi to visit parliament, meet political leaders and share experiences with the Lok Sabha Speaker. This event, in collaboration with BSE, is taking that vision one step further by engaging the youth so that they have a better understanding of parliamentary procedures. Ultimately, I hope it will encourage more youngsters in our country to watch parliament’s proceedings live, hold us legislators more accountable for our in-house conduct and eventually, help them shed their cynicism associated with politics.
I would like to welcome all the students and faculty from all colleges and take this opportunity to wish them my very best. The hundred students carefully selected for today’s Youth Parliament were picked from about four hundred of Mumbai’s best. Fifty of those present here today will join us in Delhi during the Winter Session in November-December, where they will meet the Speaker, other political leaders and editors of leading News channels and newspapers.
I would finally like to thank our judges for taking out their valuable time on a busy working day as well as my team who have worked hard to make this event successful.



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