Youth Forum

India’s future has already begun. Building an engaged, active and optimistic youth culture that will feed fresh voices into government is Milind’s top priority. Milind’s youth forums shows Mumbai’s youth that if you stay informed and speak your mind, someone will be listening.


Dear friends, It has been said over and over again that the ‘Youth are the building blocks of any nation’ but being a young leader in a country that has one of the largest numbers of the youth in the world, I think it’s high time that we truly believed in it. A stark example of the budding talent that this nation has is seen every day and in every sphere. In emerging sectors like Information Technology and Communications which have the become the driving force of our economy, for instance, a vast majority of the employees are people between the age groups of 18-40. Even in the sphere of Social change and Innovation the young lead the way, they have revolutionized the way we work, are relentlessly trying to change the way this country has thought about a lot of things. Believe me, it gives me the greatest pleasure to see young people today who are so much more aware than their parents ever were about our society, culture and politics and have a drive to change things and not just let them be. Having had the pleasure to interact and engage with young minds through discussion forums and debates I am amazed at the storehouse of passion and creativity that I find everyday and it inspires me to work harder at my job as someone who represents these very young people. Often in our country we have been led to believe some stereotypes such as ‘Politics is for the old and experienced’ ‘The youth has no say in what happens’ and so on, but this could not be further from the truth. Today India is changing, young leaders have emerged and the young have found forums to express themselves. From Social Media to grassroots activism, today the youth is exploring their options.We need to step forward and take charge. Changing the systems around us is only possible when we become part of the process of change. Gandhi’s words have never been truer- It is time to be the change you wish to see. I sincerely believe that systemic change requires the participation of the youth.Therefore, to initiate the process of participation; my office is offering internships to eligible school and college level students in order to help them become part of this change in their own way. An internship in my office provides them with a unique platform to work closely with my professional staff and core policy team on constituency level and national issues, including public policy projects and public private partnerships. The Youth Parliament is another such initiative that provides the youth with a platform for expression. I hope that in the future Young People are inspired to become leaders in the true sense of the word and take our country to new heights.