“Milind has been working on a few issues with me within his constituency in South Mumbai. I found him to be very sincere, very responsive. He has an excellent management style of operating where he is time bound and wastes no time in following up in Delhi and in Mumbai with what he has committed himself to. He has been very accessible, conscientious and a young leader who listens and absorbs the problems of others and does something about them. I hope he will win and involve the youth and civil society, citizens who have been left behind, in strengthening the party through serious development work which the country so desperately needs. I hope his presence in Parliament will ensure the upliftment of those who remain oppressed in our country‚Äôs social sector – the poor, the disabled, the marginalized, bringing about social justice, establishing equal opportunities and in initiating change for a more equitable India.”

Dr. Mithu Alur is a Social Activist and NGO Leader