Bombay’s security and well-being have taken on an entirely new meaning for me as a very fortunate survivor of the terrorist attacks on the 26th of November, 2008. It also fills me with anger towards the system that I need to convert to conviction towards holding them accountable for bungling the response and to NEVER let this happen again. I will not let my city burn again and in this context, the upcoming elections take on a whole new meaning. I want a government I can trust. I want a government that has the conviction to act and act decisively.
And while the government I am backing in this election is the very one on whose watch the attacks occurred, I am placing my vote and faith squarely behind them to make concrete amends, overhaul domestic security and chart a more assertive foreign policy approach and importantly, steer clear of the deplorable communal posturing that their opponents brazenly indulge in. I am fortunate to have survived 26-11 and I am supporting Milind Deora of the Indian National Congress because I believe he will do all he can to make sure this never happens again.