The point of politics is people

“Unless you enjoy serving the people, politics is not worth your time.”

This advice from Milind’s father, Murli Deora, has served as the guiding principal behind Milind’s own career. Despite being raised on the household of an esteemed South Mumbai politician, Milind was never raised to be a politician, knowing from a young age that an effective politician is made purely by a passion to build better lives for the people he or she serves.

A life-long journey to Parliament

Milind’s journey to the Lok Sabha began with his time in working in the private sector in Boston, where he experienced first hand the central importance of technology in our increasingly integrated political, social, cultural and economic worlds. This became the spark of an idea – one that was equal parts idealistic and practical – for improving India’s future by helping to foster a generation of young people well equipped for the digital future. When he returned to his native Mumbai, he turned his focus to helping underprivileged young people, thereby taking his first steps into the world of youth development that has remained his most passionate commitment through his years in Parliament.

Of course, Milind was not the first person to recognize the seminal importance of technology in India’s future. Rajiv Gandhi, one of Deora’s personal and political heroes, was among the first to recognize India’s future in IT, and it was his staunch commitment to that ideal, despite the laughter of his naysayers, that helped to transform India into one of the world’s Tech hubs.

That commitment to a singular vision, and refusal to back down from a firmly held principal, continues to inspire Deora each day of his political career, pushing him to create a better future for India’s next generation by creating a better kind of government to serve them.