As you go from one story to another in Carnival, it will feel like jumping from a beautiful carousel and to a fire breathing roller coaster.
Carnival Short Stories, the second book by was launched by Mr. Milind Deora, MP South Bombay at Crossword Book Store, Kemps Corner along with author and co-founder Rishabh Chaturvedi, Apurv Chaturvedi, authors: Rohit Das, Aparna Sundaresan, Dushyant Shekhawat, Shawn Pereira and Ketaki Patwardhan.

Following in the footsteps of Labyrinth: Short Stories, Carnival is a collection of fifteen tales that cover genres like adventure, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, literary, historical, humor and many more. As you go from one story to another in Carnival, it will feel like jumping from a beautiful carousel and to a fire breathing roller coaster.

“It was inevitable to publish this book after Labyrinth’s success. Infact it was the trade, the retail and the distributor, which told us to come out with the second book, seeing the popularity of Labyrinth. Carnival is a multi genre anthology. Most authors are different from the ones published in Labyrinth, and it makes us really happy that we are able to find such talent, and publish their stories. I feel short stories is an unexplored territory in Indian publishing, like genre fiction. Considering the success of genres like romance, mythology, thrillers which have recently come out of Indian publishing, it suggests Indian readers were waiting for these books.” – Apurva Chaturvedi,

“Single genre short story collections run a risk of becoming boring, which is why we decided to keep Labyrinth and Carnival as multi genre. Both the books have authors from across India and even foreign authors contributing. Labyrinth is currently in its fourth print run and was a bestseller in 2012 across all bookstores. It also featured in Nielsen top 200, which is an achievement for a multi genre short story collection written by mostly first time authors. Both these books have been possible only because of the huge number of stories received on Digital content is the future. Ten years from now the publishing scene could be very different from what it is today.” – Rishabh Chaturvedi,

“’s initiative of inspiring and promoting upcoming authors across India will go a long way in putting forth the unseen talent of our country. We need such platforms for the youth today. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays – whatever be the form, the need to get them interested in literature is now more than ever. With books like Carnival and Labyrinth, Litizen is bridging the gap between traditional and digital publishing, while they provide new talent and voices a solid platform.” – Milind Deora (MP)

Carnival Short Stories is now available across India. 15 short stories and 11 authors across the country, each genre titillating than the other has marked the arrival of Carnival Short Stories. It’s available at,,, crossword bookstore, landmark bookstore, and all other online and physical book stores.
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