Congress candidate for South Mumbai Milind Deora believes that it is important to choose candidates and judge them on their parliamentary performance rather than their party. In a live chat on Twitter conducted by IBNLive and initiated by MTV India’s #RockTheVote campaign, followers were asked to tweet their questions with #TownHall.

Here are the responses from Deora to some of the questions asked on Twitter:

@sweetyhardi: What inspired you to enter politics? Your father or your own instincts?

Choose candidates on basis of Parliamentary performance: Milind Deora
Congress candidate Deora said Raj Thackeray led MNS is his biggest challenge.

Milind Deora: Neither! Both were against me joining politics, I joined to bring change I wanted to see

@OmPrasaad: What are your thoughts about you being accused of dynasty politics?

Milind Deora: In 2004 I got a chance because of my political background but in 2009 I won by a much larger margin which hopefully means something!

@PortKeyBearer: What are your thoughts on the increasing inflation in India?

Milind Deora: India is part of the global market and is impacted by global factors like the price of crude oil. High growth rates lead to an increase in inflation. Government is controlling this through fiscal and monetary policies

@anishgawande: How do you propose to solve the degradation of South Bombay’s heritage buildings?

Milind Deora: I have worked with State Government to ensure a robust system in place. We are working on the Bhendi Bazar cluster redevelopment.

@jotijadhav: What is the best reform you made in the IT & Telecomm industry?

Milind Deora: e-Governance

@PhalinShah: MP’s are supposed to serve people. Why do MP’s get special privileges over a common man?

Milind Deora: I personally have never used the ‘LaalBathi’ in the last 10 years in Mumbai.

@JaysukhBiswas: How can we ensure candidates with non-criminal records and considerable educational qualification?

Milind Deora: I fought to keep convicted people away from contesting elections. Many MPs have different education than me, but are also capable.

@jyothsnapatil: What is your take/message to people who still vote people with criminal record(your MNS opponent)

Milind Deora: I think parties need to come together and figure out the difference between nature of criminal allegations.

@KishorQPatel: Who is your main opponent this elections?

Milind Deora: I do not take anyone lightly, but my main opponent is MNS.

@OzarkarVijay: Do you really think MNS is a bigger threat to you than Shiv Sena?

Milind Deora: Yes. Check the results of 2009

@anishgawande: Fundamentally, can we as a nation start voting for parties rather than candidates?

Milind Deora: It is important to choose candidates and judge them on their parliamentary performance rather than their party.

‏@PhalinShah: And why don’t ministers/politicians pay toll? Roads are built for everyone, no?

Milind Deora: I agree. There should be no 2 rules. I have never used LaalBathi myself in the last 10 years.

@PoojaI: Is declaring a PM candidate pre-elections a good step?

Milind Deora: It really doesn’t matter in our system of parliamentary democracy; it is more about media spins.

@ItsNg100: What are your thoughts on MPs & MLA’s with criminal charges?

Milind Deora: My record stands clean. I have spoken against my own party and my government regarding this issue.

@LankaHemali: Do you think Meera Sanyal’s corporate experience will help her with Governance?

Milind Deora: People from different backgrounds lend different opinions to politics but the record of the bank she works for speaks for itself.

@LallKanchan: Bala Nandgoankar, Arvind Sawant are all for Marathi votes, how do you plan to tackle these Marathi votes?

Milind Deora: South Mumbai voters know dividing people on the basis of language is a thing of the past.

@MalhotraHema: MeeraSanyal recently blamed you, MNS & ShivSena for bad conditions of road? What is your take on this?

Milind Deora: I recommend she reads this. http://www.Milind

@ThatAkashShukla: I have myself drifted towards #modi from #congress. Do you think you can earn back similar drifted voters?

Milind Deora: I think Modi has only created a dream but if you visit my website you will see answers in reality

@MaganKalita: What are the major issues you think are important which none of your opponents are talking about?

Milind Deora: E-Governance to reduce corruption, Housing regulator for India, Directly Elected Mayor for Mumbai. Visit http://www.Milind

@naglegourav: Major issues which your next term would specifically highlight in Parliament?

Milind Deora: EDS bill, National housing regulator bill and many more important legislations

@KhujliPowder: A Candidate may be a good & honest person but his Party doesn’t get to Power. What is the fate of his Constituency?

Milind Deora: The performance of the15th Lok Sabha is compelling constituents to elect sincere, honest and performing MP’s to the Parliament

@anishgawande: With anti-incumbency going against the Congress at both the Centre and Maha, will this be the toughest election you’ve fought?

Milind Deora: The last 2 of my elections had opinion polls going against my party, every election they have been proven wrong. I think India is a complex democracy, where electoral outcomes cannot be easily predicted by polls

@NeetaLAhuja: Do you think you can be a good MP even in the opposition in the parliament?

Milind Deora: Whether in government or opposition I will never disrupt parliament which the opposition has been doing for the past 10 years

@NehaSandilya: Suggest what your opponents should do after they lose the election to be of help to the society 😉

Milind Deora: 2 of my opponents lost elections in ’09. They promised that they will work along with me that never happened 😉

@ItsNg100: When is it that we will see a woman as the PM candidate? Indira Gandhi,my inspiration was the only PM

Milind Deora: There are senior, dynamic women leaders in our polity and I hope one of them does stand for PM some day

@PrateekShri25: How will the students’advisory council in your manifesto help our youth?

Milind Deora: Students will be my eyes and ears on the ground and I will be their voice in Parliament.

@ChintanMittal: You are always been accessible online, how accessible are you offline?

Milind Deora: Very accessible regular Janta Darbars, constituency visits, RA meets, Students interactions

@RiddhimanRang: Direct Mayor is a need of the day in Mumbai. How can you accelerate this?

Milind Deora: We can accelerate this making this a political support. Need more people supporting us.

@sachinm851: Modi is creating dreams & AAP doing what is right for our country. What are your views?

Milind Deora: I’m fighting MNS, AAP and Shiv Sena in South Mumbai. Spot the difference

@SatyapriyaMis: Mobile tower radiation reduction is already done, so why revisit again? (according to your manifesto)

Milind Deora: My ministry is conducting the first country specific study on impact of mobile tower radiation on humans & other species. Post study, we must revisit the norms and ensure that limits are safe for all.

@SrivastavSruti: How will you be augmenting train capacity under MUTP to help Mumbai better?

Milind Deora: I’ve helped get central funding for Mumbai public transport through MUTP & MUIP that will significantly help train commuters

‏@SuneelParmekar: What can be done for better implementation education right for people BPL?

Milind Deora: The RTE bill is a historic initiative of our government that addresses primary education and is being implemented nationwide

@LankaHemali: Can Indian economy afford Trans Harbour Sea Link – given in your manifesto?

Milind Deora: With Navi Mumbai Airport underway and its impact on traffic, I hope it becomes financially viable. I’ll continue to push for it.

@MaganKalita: Don’t you think we need to increase our CCTV surveillance on the roads?

Milind Deora: Yes. The Police is doing it. I have also used my MP funds locally as well for it.

@jiganeshdeol: How is it that you speak Marathi so well?

Milind Deora: My mother tongue is Marathi and I have been born and raised in Mumbai!
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