On 7th December 2013, Mr. Milind Deora along with @UthSpeak team met the honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Prithviraj Chavan in order to handover the DMDA (Direct Mayor Direct Accountability) petition which was signed by more than 5000 Mumbaikars.

The initiative of DMDA is Mr. Deora’s brainchild. He strongly feels that Mumbai is too large and complex a city whose administration cannot and should not remain dependent on the Maharashtra State Government and its ministers since they aren’t directly elected by the citizens of Mumbai. He firmly espouses the tenet of Devolution of Power and therefore believes that Mumbai ought to be governed by Mumbaikars who understand the intricacies of the city.
The present governance model of the city is inept and inefficacious and there has to be some ‘ONE’ person in charge of the city and accountable to it.
This model of governance will hopefully provide Mumbai with the coordination and transparency that is needed to ensure its robust growth and accentuated development so that Mumbai lives upto its reputation as the ‘Maximum City’.
He has urged all Mumbaikars to rise to the ocassion and write to their elected representatives across the political spectrum to provide impetus and momentum to this initiative.