The idea behind the Youth Parliament is for the youth to experience a day in LokSabha.

The law-making bodies are required to discuss various local, national and international issues and then make suitable laws on them. The members of these bodies present all points of views and try to represent all kinds of interests related to a problem. An effort is always made to take such a decision as would please most and antagonise least.

The decisions of Parliament are important since they affect the whole country. The decisions are the result of long drawn debates. For conducting debates in Parliament a detailed procedure of rules is followed. The rules are based on democratic principles. By these rules it is ensured that everybody gets a chance to be heard and a proper decorum is maintained in the course of discussion that goes on in Parliament.

Thus, the purpose of organizing the Youth Parliament is as follows:

  • To make students understand the parliamentary procedure.
  • To develop in students an insight into the working of parliament.
  • To make students consider public issues and form their opinion on them.
  • To develop in students an ability to arrive at a collective decision after discussion.
  • To develop in them respect and tolerance for the views of others.
  • To develop in them an understanding that respect for rules is essential for conducting any discussion systematically and effectively.
  • To train students’ in-group behaviour.
  • To make students aware of various problems facing our society and the country.
  • To develop in students the quality of leadership.
  • To make students understand the common man’s point of view and express it in an articulate manner


The first edition of Youth Parliament for South Mumbai was held in the year 2012..