Loksabha Election Campaign - MILIND DEORA Rally at Colaba Assembly Area 22nd April, 2014
Loksabha Election Campaign - Byculla Padayatra on 18th April.
We have cast our Vote. Have you?


The basis of strong decision-making is a set of beliefs strong enough that they can’t be divided by party lines, and flexible enough that they can expand and change to incorporate good ideas and fresh insights. Milind’s principles are at the core of everything he does, and it’s that firm footing in his beliefs that has allowed him to stand, time and again, for what he feels is right, even when it has meant speaking out against his own party and government. When the political atmosphere gets cloudy, Milind relies on his principles to clear the air. That’s what makes it possible for him to take the long view, to take suggestions, to take responsibility. That, after all, is what leadership is all about.

Milind has stood firm on each of the following controversial issues:


Even in the digital age, with access to more communication tools than we’ve ever had before, it’s easy for us to feel disconnected. So much of the political process takes place behind closed doors, between people who have nothing to do with you. Milind does everything he can to keep his door open. Great ideas can come from anywhere, and it’s a central part of Milind’s job to help see the best ones through. An idea as big and complicated as Transparency in Government – which means honesty, reliability, accountability – begins with something as simple as an honest conversation. Now’s the time to speak up.

The conversation starts with information. Learn more about Milind’s communication with his constituents through the following issues and initiatives:


Ideas can come from anywhere, from the most experienced politician or from a precocious kid. Coming up with an idea is half the battle – and far too many people in the political world are content to leave the rest of it unfought. Politicians are not just elected to talk about ideas; they’re elected to implement them. Milind gets the importance of understanding the past and talking about the future, but knows that neither is as important as action in the present. Whether pushing for substantive policy change or creative initiatives to empower youth, Milind works to see the future realized now, not later.

Milind’s greatest reward for his years in government has been affecting significant, long-term change through acts and initiatives like these: